Saturday, March 7, 2009

My friend TJ...

My friend TJ is all about hot rods, custom cars, and tricked out rides. A little while ago, he had a replica of the Munster's Dragula built to add to his collection. The famous coffin bodied dragster from the old television show "The Munsters" was fully functioning, and when it arrived at TJ's house, he actually took it out on the interstate to see what it could do! He then wanted me to paint a show sign for it for when he took it to car shows. I painted the sign with "The Munsters" logo, flames, and an airbrushed portrait of the dragster!
...a couple months later, TJ had bought a new house, and wanted to make the downstairs into his own hot rod themed lounge. The room was decorated with neon signs, pictures of his cars, a huge model car collection, a bar, and even a 50's diner area. I painted this big RatFink character on the wall for him to complete the decor! I haven't seen TJ in a long while, and when I go back east for a visit, I will be sure to hang out with him

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