Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tattoo Machines Sign...

I painted this sign for my friend Kevin in trade for a set of custom made tattoo machines he made for me. It has silver and varigated leaf on it as well as some airbrushing and other tricks. He liked the sign, and I Love my new machines. I will post some pics of them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stickers Stickers Stickers...

I just received a new order of stickers from the printer...I Love stickers. The first two designs are new, as well as the two I created for my tattoo shop. The last design is an old one but I still have plenty left. I'm all ready working on some new designs so expect to see those out soon also.

...if anyone wants some let me know!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Powell Peralta Ripper Tattoo

What can I say.....Powell Ripper tattoo....classic! My favorite tattoo I've done yet.

Old School Striping...

here's some old school striping done recently. The gas tank above belongs on a bobber, and the doors below are on a 60's truck rear

tattoo cover-ups...

here's some recent cover-ups I did recently. I like doing cover-ups because it's an added challenge to hide an old tattoo while still making a good design. Usually people want the name of an old girlfriend or wife to disappear, which is ironic because sometimes I spend half my day putting names on, and the other half covering them up. The koi above is covering a heart with a name banner and flames.
this panther is covering an old panther head that didn't look too good anymore
this wicked 80's looking wizard is covering up some names and stars. Respect the 80's wizzzzard!

a couple of black and grey tattoos I just did...