Monday, July 4, 2011

California Road Trip Part Four- "Street Cred" and "Art in the Streets"

We attended two graf/street art gallery shows. First was the "Street Cred" exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The entire exterior of the building was covered with Retna's lettering. Inside, photography was prohibited, but I snuck a pic of this Risky piece that was composed of license plates and neon and titled "styles for miles"
The "Art in the Streets" show at the MOCA in Los Angeles was absolutely badass!

Risky's bus was parked outside the entrance.

The wall of spray cans brought back a lot of memories... did these two Powell boards. The ripper on the left was my first real board. I bought it at a small skate shop in Manhattan Beach when I was about 12. Up until then, I was riding shitty Kmart boards.
Banksy's exhibit. Brilliant.

These cameras were animatronic, and the small ones in the nest would move and act like hungry baby birds while the large one would look around and act as if it was feeding them.
Mode 2. One of my all time favorite writers. His characters are in a league of their own. His style is unmistakable. So much talent it's sick. And he's still rocking strong.
Kaws bus stop ad poster.
C.R. Stecyk's wall of screen prints. I was thrilled to see the Animal Chin "have you seen him" poster!
Chaz's amazing pieces

Cartoon blasted this massive wall using cans and airbrush depicting LA tattoo, lowrider, and gang lifestyle.

This bombed out wall featured two of my favorite writers- Slick and Mear

Big Risky alphabet wall was huge!
This Saber piece was massive, and normally I'm not feeling his letterstyle, but this burner was wicked!
Mad Society. I see a Rime character in there.
Cartoon's lowrider hood
This wasn't my first time seeing Cartoon's ice cream truck, but it's always amazing and warrants considerable time to view all the nasty details!

Cost and Revs, the New York OG sticker and wheat paste bombers.

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