Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've just returned from my late summer vacation to find a package full of badass stickers and stuff from artist Jon Chase at DSTROYR clothing! I have been a big fan of the art and clothing he's creating for a while. What I really appreciate about his designs is that they have a unique style all their own. They're striking and simple, usually in black and white, and convey attitude and movement very effectively. I also admire the fact that his designs don't follow the same path as most other clothing brands where old english lettering and overused filigree is used to no end. While other popular clothing brands are starving for new ideas or reverting back to played out styles, DSTROYR is killing it with some of the best graphics out!
Before I left for my trip, I sent him a bunch of atomik stickers for a trade, and he responded generously! Thanks Jon, and everyone should check out his site-

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