Friday, June 25, 2010

Ryan Sheckler's House Graffiti...Redux...

I just found this photo on the web of pro skater Sheckler in front of some of the graffiti murals I painted in his house. I did that job about two years ago, and it's still one of the more memorable projects I've ever done. That was a wild time with a few fucking crazy events that I will NEVER forget! The entire trip was far from routine, even before I began the artwork. I caught a flat on the way to CA from AZ somewhere near Yuma with no spare tire, not much money, and no cell phone reception. I've never been so shit outta luck in such a desolate place as the middle of the desert. Luckily I found a guy who knew a mechanic that would get me a new tire and put it on for me. I showed up in San Clemente four hours late, covered in sand, sweat, and grease, just in time to meet Sheckler's mother and a friend for dinner at a pretty nice restaurant! Honestly, I could write a decent sized book about all the shit that went down during that trip. It was a good time, mainly because it was full of risk, adventure, new places, and new experiences. ....and lots of graffiti!

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