Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Friend Fokis...

Years ago, while traveling through the Southeast U.S., I landed a gig painting a graf mural for a dance club. I was painting the piece outside, and a guy who was driving by spotted me, pulled over, and started talking graffiti with me. It turns out he was a writer also, and was visiting his parents on the east coast from San Diego. That guy was well known graffiti/tattoo artists Fokis, and for the next couple of months, we got down on some graf productions together. It was a great experience to paint with such a talented artist, but equally great to hang out with a great guy. We did some major walls together, but unfortunately, I lost almost all of the photos from that time. I do have a piece of art that he did for me in a trade. I remember what I painted for him, and I cringe now when I think how bad it is! After a few months painted together, we went our separate ways, and continued on our own paths. I haven't seen or heard from Fokis for a while, but I know that he's the type of friend that when we do run into each other again, we will pick right up where we left off. The pic above is a scan of the piece he did for me in an art swap, and the pic below is a scan of the back. He had a great west coast hand style that still blows me away!

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